Tuesday, November 22, 2022

iWYSIWYG, a new interactive version of WYSIWYG

iWYSIWYG, a new interactive version of the WYSIWYG Performance Package, ONLINE now! It includes links to the latest soundtrack and QR codes for device integration. We've been working on this format for quite sometime and would really appreciate any feedback. The current version uses a table of contents for a show’s “Scenes & Songs” and a User icon for it’s “Actors/Characters”. The Song icon is used to navigate to a song’s sheet music while the Libretto icon is used to link to the script. The music notation includes links to the corresponding libretto pages and vice versa from the libretto to the sheet music. There are streaming audio links to SoundCloud and QR codes are available so you can use your phone to hear the music as you look over the Libretto.