Thursday, February 20, 2020

David Traugh joins WYSIWYG development team

You may have noticed that we've started enhancing the musical accompaniment and rehearsal tracks for WYSIWYG recently. With all the buzz about the show we decided it was time to start creating a supplemental music track for actor rehearsals and theater companies that wanted an option of mixing in all the sound from the board too. Check out our WYSIWYG rehearsal playlist on SoundCloud

The unique challenge with WYSIWYG is that several characters can play musical instruments and this can be cast in various ways, so it was important for us to provide options for a complete spectrum of performances. Ultimately, we decided to provide a sound track for the entire score and allow the director to decide when to use the skills of the actors on stage.

David Traugh joined our development team in late 2019 and has been providing the new performance tracks as needed over the last few months. He and April go back over 40 years. Here's a picture of Dave's Emmy and the earliest picture we have of them working together - circa 1976.


Friday, January 10, 2020

Rehearsal Track for "The World Wide Web"

We've been enhancing the musical accompaniment for WYSIWYG lately and we'd like to provide a professional audio track for every song in the performance package in the near future, go to the WYSIWYG website for the list of new materials..

Preparing for an audition? Download our public domain Sheet Music for "The World Wide Web" and use SOUNDCLOUD to rehearse your part. Good Luck!