Friday, June 10, 2022

WYSIWYG Soundtrack on Tidal

We have several Scandinavian friends who've asked us if we had any plans to include the WYSIWYG soundtrack on Tidal. Well, it's official, the WYSIWYG show is now on the platform! TIDAL is a global music streaming platform that tries to bring fans closer to artists through unique experiences and the highest sound quality. You'll have to register, but there's a free version and they do claim to give artists and songwriters better royalty percentages. Here's an image of several WYSIWYG songs we found on the website.
With distribution agreements with all three major record labels and many independent labels, Tidal claims to provide access to more than 80 million tracks and 350,000 music videos. It offers two levels of service: Tidal HiFi (up to CD quality – FLAC-based 16-bit/44.1 kHz) and Tidal HiFi Plus (up to MQA – 24-bit/96 kHz).

Saturday, May 21, 2022

Master Track: "The Sweet Bell That Tolls"

Here's a master track of "The Sweet Bell That Tolls". It takes place at Frank's Tavern when Ron arrives to perform for open mic night. It happens at about the same time that Denise phones April, who is in attendance, and after a short conversation April invites Denise to the show. It all works out in the end since Denise just misses Ron's performance. 🎭

It's sung by sung by Joseph d. Castro and Jody Haught (May/2022). Here's a link to download the Sheet Music for "The Sweet Bell That Tolls" to follow along.

Saturday, May 14, 2022

Master Track: "For the Best" with Sienna Stocky

Here's a master track of "For the Best". It takes place at Frank's Tavern, where Denise is laying the moves on Carl. He has a strong work ethic and believes if you work hard in life good things will happen, while Denise thinks he should slow down and smell the roses. It all works out in the end. 🎭

It's sung by sung by Sienna Stocky and Tony Domenick (May/2022). Here's a link to download the Sheet Music for "For the Best" to follow along.

Sunday, May 8, 2022

Master Track: My Someday Comes Today

Here's a master track of "My Someday Comes Today". A unexpected encounter with Carl at the GIC (Gender Identity Center) brings April back down to earth when she realizes Carl sees right through her in the real world. They talk for hours online now, but in person he shows no interest in getting to know her better; afterwards, she calls home for some comfort and support. 🎭. We finished it up in April 2022, but we decided it would be nice to release it on the streaming sites on Mother's Day.

It's sung by Blake Nawa'a and David Traugh provided the orchestration. You might want to download the Sheet Music for "My Someday Comes Today" to follow along.

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Master Track: Live for Today

Here's a master track of "Live for Today". The song is near the begining of the Musical, just after the prologue. It takes place during the first therapy session as Denise explains to the group that her husband is the one responsible for driving her to seek consultation. She can't remember the last time they were intimate and now she she goes online to experience her fantasies.

It's sung by Sienna Stock with Mark and Luke Colombo singing backup vocals. You might want to download the Sheet Music for "Live for Today" to follow along.

Monday, March 14, 2022

Rehearsal track for "My someday comes today"

Here's our latest rehearsal track for "My someday comes today". It's a new song that comes right after "The sweet bell that tolls". It's an imaginary phone call April has with her Mother about the struggles in life. You can review all the new rehearsal tracks from our WYSIWYG Rehearsal Material Playlist on Soundcloud.

Preparing for an audition? our public domain Sheet Music for "My someday comes today" and use SOUNDCLOUD to rehearse for your audition...Good Luck!

Thursday, February 24, 2022

New Streaming Audio Services for WYSIWYG

We've expanded our streaming audio network to include; SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple, Amazon and YouTube. So now you have the choice to hear your favorite WYSIWYG songs in a lot of different ways. Select any of the icons below to access your favorite streaming audio service. Then, sit back and enjoy!
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