Sunday, August 21, 2022

Master Track: "Someone Who's Just Like You"

Here's a master track of "Someone Who's Just Like You". It takes place at Frank's Tavern when Denise tells April about Carl's handle online. Afterwards, she looks-up his profile and becomes enamored by his description and what he's looking in life. He shares how he likes to cuddle and wants to find someone to settle down and grow old with. Then, there is that line that really gets her "the man of your dreams". It's the last song of the 1st act so it's a cliffhanger. 🎭

It's sung by sung by Blake Nawa'a with Tony Domenick and Kelsie Bedard on background vocals (August/2022). Here's a link to download the Sheet Music for "Someone Who's Just Like You" to follow along.