Saturday, September 24, 2022

"Someone Who's Just Like You" is on Spotify!

We've released the master track for "Someone Who's Just Like You" on Spotify. It can sometimes take up to a month to get our songs on the various streaming audio sites once we've completed the soundtrack. It's the last song of the 1st act and it's a bit of a cliffhanger. It takes place at Frank's Tavern when Denise tells April about Carl's online profile "Chuck D". His moniker should have been a warning sign, but she looks-up his profile anyway and falls for the line "the man of your dreams". It's sung by Blake Nawa'a with Tony Domenick and Kelsie Bedard on background vocals (August/2022).

Preparing for an audition? Here's a link to download the Sheet Music for "Someone Who's Just Like You" to follow along and practice with. It's a nice choice and a great addition to any professional audition portfolio. At some point you'll need to download the rehearsal track (with no vocals) from the WYSIWYG website though. Good Luck!