Sunday, August 21, 2022

Master Track: "Someone Who's Just Like You"

Here's a master track of "Someone Who's Just Like You". It takes place at Frank's Tavern when Denise tells April about Carl's handle online. Afterwards, she looks-up his profile and becomes enamored by his description and what he's looking in life. He shares how he likes to cuddle and wants to find someone to settle down and grow old with. Then, there is that line that really gets her "the man of your dreams". It's the last song of the 1st act so it's a cliffhanger. 🎭

It's sung by sung by Blake Nawa'a with Tony Domenick and Kelsie Bedard on background vocals (August/2022). Here's a link to download the Sheet Music for "Someone Who's Just Like You" to follow along.

Sunday, August 14, 2022

WYSIWYG Soundtrack on Deezer

Over the last few months we've been increasing our visibility with several European streaming audio websites. Our latest partner is Deezer (S'il vous plaît bienvenue à nos nouveaux auditeurs Deezer). They're based in Paris, France and they now provide access to the WYSIWYG soundtrack directly in their online catalog. You may have to register, but I think there's a free version and when you stream a song from their service they give artists and songwriters like your friends at WYSIWYG the Musical a small royalty stream. Here's an image of several WYSIWYG songs we found on the website using April's artist page.
April Alsup Artist Page on Deeze
April Alsup Deezer Artist Page
Deezer claims to have the largest audio streaming catalog with more than 90 million songs, playlists, podcasts and radio channels. Discover new music releases from April Alsup, WYSIWYG and/or any of the current trending albums. They even let you create your own library.